Reflecting on your own anxieties

When anxious feelings emerge, a certain pattern often takes place in your thinking without you realizing it. This pattern is used to assess things, decide whether they are anxiety-inducing, and process them accordingly in your mind. Since this pattern demands our full attention, we miss the point at which we could have "gotten off the train" instead of continuing along the same mental path. But it is indeed possible to break the cycle if you think about your own anxieties and how you deal with them.

5 questions for greater mental clarity

Taking a step back and observing how you deal with worries and seemingly anxiety-inducing situations can have a calming effect and open up new and positive perspectives. These questions can help:

  1. Am I worried about a real and current problem or something that only might happen in the future?
  2. If it concerns the future – am I trying to evaluate how likely it is that the problem will occur? Is it possible to evaluate it at all, anyway?
  3. Do I think about positive outcomes just as much as negative ones?
  4. Does contemplating the future help me or hinder me in life?
  5. Is there anything at all I can do to influence future events?

If you answer these questions, you will have remarkable clarity about the chaos that fearful thinking can cause. This clarity will give you courage and help you deal with your anxious moods more effectively.