Inner unrest

Restlessness is one of the most common preliminary phases of an anxiety disorder. It is a condition to be taken seriously and a separate phenomenon than situation-specific nervousness of short duration. The latter is absolutely normal and harmless, whereas permanent restlessness reflects a more profound problem – such as anxious moods or even the onset of an anxiety disorder.

Internal and external sources of restlessness

If inner unrest has taken hold, you may often feel as if you are caught in a vicious cycle where anxiety, sleeping disorders and inner unrest feed off of each other. All three of them exacerbate each other on an ongoing basis: feelings of anxiety disturb your sleep, which makes you exhausted during the day and causes you to worry more, which in turn increases inner tension.

Deliberately treating the restlessness that accompanies anxious moods is one of the best ways to keep an anxiety disorder from gaining momentum. Herbal active ingredients such as the Silexan® in Lasea® can be particularly helpful.