When thoughts won't stop spinning

One common aspect of anxious moods is the constant cycle of spinning thoughts. Worries and problems go around and around in your mind, making the future seem grim. This particular view of the future is typical – and it’s actually the problem as well. Your compulsively keep returning to “what-if” scenarios involving potential situations which you find particularly alarming. You lose sight of the here and now, a time which may well be perfectly fine and free of problems, and your thoughts keep churning around tomorrow’s fears.

The same worries over and over again

There are many very different reasons why people may be especially vulnerable to worrisome thoughts. But the topics themselves tend to be very similar in most cases: concerns about illness, money troubles, ageing, loneliness, stress and issues at work or at home.

Effects that last into the night

Constantly mulling over your worries is something that not only takes over large parts of your day: your mind keeps churning at night as well. Over time, a long-term sense of inner unrest develops. During the day it costs us energy, and at night it keeps us from being able to enjoy restful sleep and recharge our batteries, as it were. The subsequent difficulties sleeping can cause a wide variety of physical and mental complaints.