Lasea® – natural relief for the worried mind

People who suffer from feelings of anxiety want effective help to offset their agonizing and permanent inner turmoil. The thought of taking synthetic medications, however, makes many of them worry about potential addiction or drowsiness, which is why they reject the thought of drug-based treatment altogether.

An herbal medicine, Lasea® makes it possible to treat the restlessness that accompanies anxious moods, and it does so without making you tired or risking addiction. Lasea® relies upon the effective power of medicinal lavender, which relieves symptoms such as inner unrest and spinning thoughts, and thus has a conspicuous effect on sleeping problems. And it only has to be taken once a day.

  • Settles anxious moods
  • Calms inner unrest and racing thoughts
  • Thus allows a better night´s sleep
  • Safe and well-tolerated