Anxiety – A natural way of protecting us

Anxiety is a naturally occurring mechanism which takes place automatically in our body. This response is a crucial way of protecting us: anxiety makes us more alert to danger. Without this sense of heightened alertness (that is, without anxiety), we would incorrectly assess situations, fail to identify danger, and make decisions which could threaten our health or even our life. When you look at it this way, occasional feelings of anxiety are a normal human emotion that is not only useful but critical to our survival.

If anxious moods won't fade

A vital point here is that anxiety should have a clear focus. When it does occur, it should be tied to a specific and easily recognisable trigger. An equally important point is that anxiety should pass again when the trigger is over or you have gotten around it. In other words, in its normal state, anxiety comes up, but it also goes away. 

If these anxious moods last, however, or typical anxiety symptoms occur for no particular reason, you need to take action early on to prevent the situation from escalating. This is because frequently occurring anxious feelings or uncontrolled forms of anxiety have nothing to do with everyday angst. Instead, they are a pathological condition and thus should be treated as soon as you notice that they are having a negative effect on your daily life.