Falling asleep and staying asleep

Sleeping problems which occur in conjunction with inner unrest and anxious moods usually start with difficulties falling asleep. Typically, people in this situation have a hard time drifting off even if they are exhausted. The reason for this is spinning thoughts. They keep the wheels in your mind turning at top speed, which prevents you from experiencing the relaxation you need to nod off peacefully.

Too short and not restful

Often, staying asleep is an even greater problem than falling asleep. After a certain while, the body usually gives in out of exhaustion, and sleep does take place, but the brain remains busy. As a result, the sleep that occurs is restless and is often interrupted by wakefulness. Trying to fall back asleep in the night or early morning is as difficult or even more difficult for many people as falling asleep in the evening.

The kind of sleep that results from this situation is not only too short, it is not restorative. The outcome during the day is persistent exhaustion and fatigue – a condition which is made worse by spinning thoughts and inner unrest. The focus on spinning thoughts is something that is both a consequence and a cause of many sleeping problems. Solution which targets this issue and calms it down is also a solution that provides the perfect support for better sleep.