Sleep disorders: a vicious cycle

There is a direct correlation between physical and mental wellbeing. Constant worryies and anxious feelings can have a strong and lingering effect on both. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping: problems which impact our wellbeing can turn into a vicious cycle that continues during our waking hours and creates lasting damage.

A lack of sleep makes you exhausted during the day

One main reason why people feel exhausted during the day is often the quality of their sleep at night. The problem can even begin during the process of falling asleep: negative feelings and restlessness initially make it difficult to fall asleep, and then later they keep waking us up.

The result is a lack of sleep that leads to exhaustion during the day and makes it harder to cope with pressure. Being so physically drained can enhance the feeling of inner anxiety. And this feeling accompanies them into their sleep – at which point a vicious cycle of anxieties, sleeping problems and exhaustion begins.

The phytopharmaceutical Lasea® can help calm an unquiet mind, which interrupts the vicious cycle. As a result, it becomes possible to sleep through the night and get some proper rest.